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Silver Sword


Kevin Dodge fine art prints are custom printed on archival fuji films and then laminated behind 1/4” acrylic. These pieces are then laminated on the back with 1/8” acrylic, making for an elegant and modern presentation. Each piece also has a hanging cleat allowing for easy and invisible wall hanging.


2016 – Atlantic Ocean off the Florida Keys.  Though it was a calm day, there was a lot of overcast.  When shooting these fish, sunlight is critical for lighting and camera speed to capture their movement. Although this Sword was feisty at the surface, my sixth sense told me it would head deep within the depths from which it emerged and out of the range of my lens. I took a deep breath and dove down beneath the Swordfish and it immediately thrashed and splashed heading in my direction. Talk about being in the perfect spot at the right time to capture the incredible movement of this beautiful fish.

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48″ x 26.5″


Archival Film, Brushed Aluminum