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Night Sword


Kevin Dodge fine art prints are custom printed on archival fuji films and then laminated behind 1/4” acrylic. These pieces are then laminated on the back with 1/8” acrylic, making for an elegant and modern presentation. Each piece also has a hanging cleat allowing for easy and invisible wall hanging.


I was fortunate enough to see the better side of this mighty swordfish and his beautiful and prominent profile. Then, I was even more pleased that I could to catch him just as the moonlight pierced through the water at just that right moment. It’s a dangerous thing-shooting in deep waters- and I admit that swimming in the ocean, at night, with 2000 feet of water beneath me; along with large Mako sharks who like to follow these swords up from the bottom, and that sure didn’t help matters either. This image portrays not only the mystical and mystery of these prehistoric looking creatures-but also their incredible commanding presence in their waters.

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48” x 26 1/4″


Archival Film, Brushed Aluminum