Night Sky


Mounted Acrylics – Ready to Hang

Custom Made to Fit Desired Size

Kevin Dodge fine art prints are custom printed on archival fuji films and then laminated behind 1/4” acrylic. These pieces are then laminated on the back with 1/8” acrylic, making for an elegant and modern presentation. Each piece also has a hanging cleat allowing for easy and invisible wall hanging.

(Starting at $800)

“I am here to personally help you find the perfect piece for your desired space.” ~ Kevin


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Atlantic Ocean.  It was one of those rare days when conditions were absolutely perfect.  The seas were calm and you could feel the anticipation that something special was going to happen this day. As if hearing our expectations, a magnificent 263 lb. swordfish leapt out of the water with an incredible jump, creating the illusion of a star-filled sky in its wake.  Capturing this feisty and dangerous creature required a careful dance between wanting the perfect shot and getting too close. There is no margin for error when you understand what these creatures are capable of doing. It requires awareness and respect.

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48” x 32”


Archival Film, Brushed Aluminum