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Exhibiting select pieces of his latest work at Art Basel in Miami, oceanic art photographer, Kevin Dodge, wows this exclusive, high art audience with his truly unique work. “Art Basel in America is where leading galleries from all over the globe show significant work from the masters, while introducing the next generation of emerging talent. It was both an honor and incredible experience to have my work exhibited. The truest testament to my work, is when it is displayed alongside so many great artists and is sought for prestigious collections,” said Dodge.

With over 45 years of hospitality procurement services, The Parker Company (TPC) has developed a keen eye for quality art. Having worked with all the major hotel chains, in addition to independent hotels, resorts, and arenas around the globe, TPC has procured numerous art pieces for its prestigious list of clients and has added Kevin Dodge’s work to its collection.

“Meeting The Parker Company at Art Basel and having pieces selected is truly an honor and an affirmation of my work,” said Dodge. As a free diver, Kevin uses his skills with the camera to capture the magic and mystery of our oceans and the creatures within them. From powerful and dangerous swordfish and sharks to the thrilling shallow world of bonefish and tarpon, Kevin captures rarely seen images, providing the viewer with a glimpse of the ocean’s hidden beauty.

“Kevin’s work is truly unique in the world of underwater and marine life images. His work always sparks conversations with anyone who sees it in our conference room,” says Mitch Parker, COO of The Parker Company.

Over 20+ years, Kevin Dodge’s work has been featured in international magazines and media including his most recent cover of Emerald Coast Magazine. His creations are in the collections of Coca Cola, Ford, IBM, Dell, Budweiser, Hyatt Hotels, Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, Jimmy Buffet, and numerous others.

Kevin Dodge Photography

Author Kevin Dodge Photography

Born in South Miami and a third generation native, Kevin spent the last 20 years photographing the world of high fashion and other elegant subject matter. As an avid free diver and lifelong water-sports enthusiast, Kevin has now turned his lens underwater, capturing the beautiful, exciting – and at times dangerous – world that belongs to a vast collection of undersea creatures. Kevin’s new artwork invites the viewer to pause and take a moment to see the silent, yet thrilling, oceanic marvels that few rarely glimpse. “Creating this art has allowed me to capture the extraordinary moments when I encounter beautiful, yet wild, creatures and share these experiences with others.”

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