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The unique camerawork of Kevin Dodge offers a surprising perspective of some of the Atlantic’s most popular game fish.

Kevin Dodge, of Delray Beach, Florida, spent two decades professionally shooting the world of high fashion and other subjects, none of which included the ocean. But in recent years, he’s devoted his talents to the sea and the predators that live in it. He’s found that swimming with those same predators can present challenges: The last image in this gallery will show, with a frightening real-life example, of just how close Dodge came in one instance to losing something near and dear to him while shooting underwater.

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Kevin Dodge Photography

Author Kevin Dodge Photography

Born in South Miami and a third generation native, Kevin spent the last 20 years photographing the world of high fashion and other elegant subject matter. As an avid free diver and lifelong water-sports enthusiast, Kevin has now turned his lens underwater, capturing the beautiful, exciting – and at times dangerous – world that belongs to a vast collection of undersea creatures. Kevin’s new artwork invites the viewer to pause and take a moment to see the silent, yet thrilling, oceanic marvels that few rarely glimpse. “Creating this art has allowed me to capture the extraordinary moments when I encounter beautiful, yet wild, creatures and share these experiences with others.”

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