Oceanic Art Photographer Kevin Dodge Featured at Boca Chamber Event “Hook, Wine & Sinker” to Benefit Twin Palms Center for the Disabled

“Participating at this event is an honor and joy.  It is a perfect opportunity to spend time with the community, participate in a worthwhile cause, and give something back. When people see my work, they sense that they are seeing something truly unique. As I free dive with my camera, I capture rarely seen images of ocean life and provide an opportunity for others to glimpse its beauty. I am thrilled to share my work, especially to benefit the Twin Palms Center for the Disabled,” said Dodge.

Born in South Miami and a third generation native, Kevin’s latest work is the culmination of a career in fashion photography, shooting for all the top labels, that has led to a completely different form of beauty and elegance. From powerful and dangerous swordfish and sharks to the thrilling shallow world of bonefish and tarpon, Kevin captures the art of these exciting creatures in a way that is both timeless and mysterious.

Over 20+ years, Kevin Dodge’s work has been featured in numerous international magazines and media including his most recent cover of Emerald Coast Magazine. His creations are in the collections of Coca Cola, Ford, IBM, Dell, Budweiser, Hyatt Hotels, Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, Jimmy Buffet, and numerous others.

For more information please visit http://dodgeoceancom.kinsta.cloud