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About the Artist

Born in South Miami and a third generation native, Kevin spent the last 20 years photographing the world of high fashion and other elegant subject matter. As an avid free diver and lifelong water-sports enthusiast, Kevin has now turned his lens underwater, capturing the beautiful, exciting – and at times dangerous – world that belongs to a vast collection of undersea creatures. Kevin’s new artwork invites the viewer to pause and take a moment to see the silent, yet thrilling, oceanic marvels that few rarely glimpse.

Kevin Dodge’s work has been featured in numerous international magazines and media. His creations are in the collections of Coca Cola, Ford, IBM, Dell, Budweiser, Hyatt Hotels, Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson.

Kevin’s current oceanic art can be seen in a series of limited-edition prints he describes as Ocean Blue, celebrating the mysteries of our oceans and the beauty within this seemingly silent world.

“Creating this art has allowed me to capture the extraordinary moments when I encounter beautiful, yet wild, creatures and share these experiences with others.”

When Kevin is not shooting on location, he works from his studio in Delray Beach, Florida. His first love is spending time with his children and creating lasting memories. He is a staunch advocate for ocean conservation and hopes to share this desire for good stewardship with future generations.

Artist Statement

Creating this art has allowed me to capture the extraordinary moments of time when I encounter beautiful creatures in their world and share these experiences with others. I am inspired by the sheer beauty and rawness of nature but at the same time showing it in a very artful way, through my eyes, which are filled with my love for the ocean. My ability to free dive has allowed me to use my decades of professional photo experience to capture images in a way few can. As far as holding my breath, I hold it as long as I need to capture that special moment. You have to be ready to shoot when the time is right…you never get a second chance to get that great shot while swimming in the world of fast and dangerous marine creatures.

About the Artwork, Finishing and Framing

Each of Kevin’s art pieces is custom printed, signed, and numbered. The prints are then laminated behind a ¼” thick sheet of museum quality acrylic and backed with another layer of acrylic or aluminum. The acrylic edges are polished to a crystal-clear sheen so that light refracts – giving a seamless image reflection. Images come in a variety of sizes and can be customized to a client’s specifications.

Each piece has a “French cleat” style hanger, allowing the piece to hang on the wall in an elegant and clean manner.

Corporate Clients