Kevin Dodge

Fine Art Oceanic Photography


About the Artist

Born in South Miami and a third generation native, Kevin spent the last 20 years photographing the world of high fashion and other elegant subject matter. As an avid free diver and lifelong water-sports enthusiast, Kevin has now turned his lens underwater, capturing the beautiful, exciting – and at times dangerous – world that belongs to a vast collection of undersea creatures. Kevin’s new artwork invites the viewer to pause and take a moment to see the silent, yet thrilling, oceanic marvels that few rarely glimpse.

“Creating this art has allowed me to capture the extraordinary moments when I encounter beautiful, yet wild, creatures and share these experiences with others.”

Kevin Dodge fine art photography is represented worldwide by David Wiener Ventures, an international brand, image, and marketing firm.

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Sun Bone

Glowing Sail

Gladiator Of The Sea

Silver Sword

Night Sky


Down to the Abyss

Mahi Close Up