Line Of Sight -  Kevin Dodge Ocean Photography

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Line Of Sight


Kevin Dodge fine art prints are custom printed on archival fuji films and then laminated behind 1/4” acrylic. These pieces are then laminated on the back with 1/8” acrylic, making for an elegant and modern presentation. Each piece also has a hanging cleat allowing for easy and invisible wall hanging.


Diving off the Florida Keys, I sighted this sword at the top of water and wanted to get closer. Just as I did, he turned and headed right towards me. Remembering my last sword attack I thought, “Not again!” Instead, it went right by my side. When you’re diving in their world, you are the uninvited guest. In every ocean shot, every fish is watching me intently – where I am…what I’m doing. Swords are scarier because you know they want to kill you. Yet I can’t help but love the intense concentration of this sword on me. All swords are mean, but this one was particularly frisky.

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36” x 48”


Archival Film, Brushed Aluminum